Bec Juniper

Bec Juniper

Bec Juniper

“The patterns and strange shapes that you see from 35,000 feet fascinate me. The configuration of textures, both natural and human made, are very abstract at such a height. You can see where the water runs horizontally across the interior of Australia, you can map the human activity by roads and lines, salt lakes, seas, sediment and erosion are more abstract than I could ever invent. It is an endless drawing with infinite possibilities” (Bec Juniper).

“From 35,000 feet the wild country of WA might look ravishing but at ground level it will kill you. Here is a painter who understands the gift and problems of altitude, but who still manages to render a landscape which is infinitely textured and organic, clear-sighted yet full of yearning… Bec Juniper is an artist who’s been sufficiently bent out of shape by the country of her birth to approach it with pre-requisite love and fear. This shows us that from 35,000 feet, or on our knees, the west is a stranger place than we think”.
(Tim Winton, introduction to exhibition “35,000 Feet”)

Bec Juniper is the Winner of the 2018 King’s School Art Prize.

Read an interview with Bec Juniper in the Sydney Morning Herald, by arts writer, Peter Munro.

Watch an interview with Bec Juniper discussing her work and practice

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2018: Winner of King’s School Art Prize

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