Collecting works of art can be an intellectual, inspiring, emotionally satisfying and socially rewarding experience and with professional guidance from a gallery specialist, who facilitates the link between artist and collector, one can develop a unique and valuable art collection.

The Wagner Contemporary team are knowledgeable, they are dedicated to the artists they represent and are able to offer beneficial insights into art works, including a work’s interpretation, what lies behind its technique and the artist’s motivation and inspiration. Historic relevance, provenance and aesthetic genre are also sourced for your reference by our competent staff.

Please notify staff at Wagner Contemporary of your interest in a particular artist, or style or genre of art and we will make sure you are notified of relevant pieces, well in advance of exhibitions.  This personal service will give you access to new works in advance of display on our website; you’ll also be invited to pre-opening night private viewings and kept informed of art prizes, art fairs, international shows and media news and articles relevant to your interests.

“I enjoy collecting in depth and overtime and believe it important to have several works by the same artist from different periods of his career. To have one piece by a great artist is cool, but to have a great collection of their works is superb”.  (Erling Kagge, Art Collector)

Wagner Contemporary provides:

*Advice on collecting art, acquisition with a focus  and managing an art collection

*Art installation and framing

*Investing – buying and selling secondary market art works

*Advice on current market trends

*Payment plans to suit you and Art Money loans