Dagmar Cyrulla

Dagmar Cyrulla

My paintings are about what it is like to be human. They are an interpretation of experiences, choices and moments. The moments I capture are not staged, they are snapshots of time. I always title my work first, which hints to the viewer what the image means to me, and gives me emotional clarity while I am making the work. Despite the narrative behind each work being clear while I am painting, it intentionally appears ambiguous to allow the audience to invest in the image based on their own personal experiences. Through this I hope to engage their emotions and imagination. I liken it to being at a dinner party where you really connect with the other guests, it’s not just a small talk chat, but a genuine sharing of feelings, ideas and memories. It is that human connection.
(Dagmar Cyrulla)

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Recent News

2023: Salon des Refusés, Finalist

2022: Listed in Australia Top 100 Artists

2022: Fisher’s Ghost Award, Finalist; Portia Geach Memorial Award, Finalist; Ravenswood Australian Woman’s Art Prize, Finalist

2021: Archibald Prize, Finalist; Percival Art Prize, Finalist; Muswellbrook Art Prize, Finalist; Doug Moran Portrait Prize, Semi-finalist; Naked and Nude Art Prize, Finalist; KAAF Art Prize, Finalist; RSASA Portrait Prize, Winner.

2020: Archibald Prize, Finalist; Shirley Hannon National Portrait Award, Finalist; Kilgour Prize, Finalist

2019: Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Semi Finalist; Portia Geach Memorial Award, Finalist; Naked and Nude, Finalist; BP Portrait Award (National Portrait Gallery, London), Finalist; Dobell Drawing Prize, Ravenswood Australian Woman’s Art Prize, Finalist; Waverley Art Prize, Finalist.

2018:  Paul Guest Drawing Prize, Finalist; Adelaide Perry Prize For Drawing, Finalist; Calleen Art Award, Finalist; Portia Geach Memorial Award, Finalist; Percival Portrait Prize, Finalist; Muswellbrook Art Prize, Finalist; Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Semi-finalist; KAAF, Finalist; AME Bale Works on Paper, Finalist; Collins Place Gallery Summer Salon, Finalist

2017: Doug Moran Portrait Prize, Highly Commended; KAAF Art Prize, Finalist; Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize, Finalist; Manning Art Prize (Naked and Nude) WINNER; Calleen Art Prize, Finalist; Rick Amor Self-Portrait Prize, Finalist