Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Nick Hall’s work invites contemplation of the human condition and the cultural and environmental landscape. His recent practice combines traditional woodcut and drawing techniques, opening exploration and navigation through the psychological and cultural structures we build to slow panic in our rational minds.

Hall’s recent work not only capture’s our alienation from the environment, but also our fraught attempts to reconnect with it. In his paintings and works on paper, nature finds expression within the heavily circumscribed architecture of humankind, as trees and wildlife occupy artificial geometric prisms. Here, the Australian wilderness has been packaged into a safely consumable parcel. “I think that we as a species reach towards the natural world, and in our own way try and keep it close to us,” Hall explains. “It’s a cognitive dissonance as we can’t quite bring these two worlds together – knowing that we need to be separate, yet wanting to be part of it.”

Hall attained a Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School and a Master of Fine Art from RMIT. His work has been shortlisted for numerous awards, including the Paddington Art Prize, Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Metro Art Award and the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship for talented emerging artists. His work was presented at Sydney Contemporary (2019).

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Recent News

2020: Portraits Project, Manly Art Gallery

2019: Louise Martin-Chew, “Collecting | At What Cost?”, Art Collector, September 2019.

2019: Sydney Contemporary

2019: King’s School Art Prize, Finalist

2018: Paddington Art Prize, Finalist