October 25, 2021

Congratulations Belinda Street – a Finalist in the 2021 Calleen Art Award, hosted by Cowra Regional Art Gallery. This year, 46 finalists were selected from over 400 entries. The Finalist’s exhibition showcases a wide-range of painting styles and diverse issues by artists from across Australia. The announcement of the winner will be made on Saturday 30 October 2021; for further information, please visit the Cowra Regional Art Gallery website. Belinda Street’s stunning work, ‘Parrots of Central Australia’ was inspired by bird life in Central Australia: “This polyptych was created after a trip to Central Australia. I was fascinated by the birdlife and was inspired to create a series of all the parrots found in the area in which I travelled – from top left: Major Mitchells Cockatoo, Budgerigar, Princess Parrot, Night Parrot, Cockatiel, Little Corella, Mulga Parrot, Bourkes Parrot, Australian Ringneck, Black Cockatoo, Galah, and Scarlet Chested Parrot” – Belinda Street, 2021.