September 14, 2016

A selected finalist in the Len Fox Painting Award. This prestigious award commemorates the life and work of Len Fox’s uncle, the influential Australian born painter, Emanuel Phillips Fox (1865-1915). Known for his plein air, impressionist style, Fox’s paintings are characterized by vibrantly coloured landscapes and scenes of everyday life. The award is an exciting opportunity for artists to interpret these qualities in a contemporary context. Bill Sampson took Fox’s work, On the Mediterranean Coast, as his starting point.”I am not engaged with what we expect to happen, but what in fact happens despite our intentions and anxieties. Hence, while I admit having huge expectations, I set my parameters, point my materials in that direction, and open the gate!
That is my equivalence to the impressionist: that and a love of colour and a want to lick the best bits off the brush.
In this case, having been seduced by On the Mediterranean Coast, E Phillips Fox, 1911 I sought to trust in the digital accoutrements embedded in the contemporary. That is, I allowed the machine to make an impression of the subject and I carried out its direction without quite knowing the outcome.”
To view more works by Bill Sampson, visit his stockroom page on our website.