Dagmar Cyrulla | Salon des Refusés

Congratulations to Dagmar Cyrulla whose self portrait is exhibited in the 2023 ‘Salon des Refusés’ – the alternative Archibald and Wynne selection. This special prize always exhibits a rich and exciting variety of works, exploring different approaches to traditional landscape and portraiture painting. In her accompanying artist statement, Cyrulla provides context around her work, ‘Self Portrait’. The exhibition of finalists is on view at the SH Ervin Gallery 6 May – 23 July.

I have been painting self portraits since I can remember. Painting from life is an important part of my practice, but not always practical or affordable. I, on the other hand am always available at no cost.

I am currently experimenting and pushing my work out of my comfort zone. The intention was to allow marks to show as I made the changes.

This painting was made entirely from observation. I started it in France and worked on it again in my studio here in Australia. I didn’t want to create a polished work, but rather record what I saw and felt each time I came back to the portrait. I feel I have captured a certain intensity. The kind of intensity that comes out of making a self portrait from direct observation.” – Dagmar Cyrulla, 2023