With every mark, dab and daub, the artists in Wagner Contemporary’s exhibition, ‘The Feeling of Being Inside’, express the ineffable, the tangible, and the transcendent. The exhibited artists, Al Poulet, Minnie Pwerle (c.1922-2006), Genevieve Carroll, and Judith White, all approach painting from different directions; however, they all share in a common language – that of abstraction. The exhibition presents works of art that are at once related and dissonant, as some exude visceral spontaneity while others reflect a more considered cerebral approach. Ultimately, we find the richness of abstraction in the four artists’ painted descriptions of place.


Poulet Untitled (birds) 2x2m (002)
Al Poulet_Untitled (Clarity)_acrylic on canvas_99 x 120cm_email
Al Poulet Untitled (Fence 2) acrylic and spray paint on canvas 138 x 200cm
Poulet Untitled (Bathing) acrylic on canvas 200 x 88cm
Minnie_Pwerle_ Women'sCeremony_acryliconlinen_130x200cm_email
Genevieve Carroll 'The Belly of The Dust' oil on canvas 101 x 91cm $4,500
Genevieve Carroll 'Balancing act on earth's table oil on canvas 102 x 102cm $4,800
Carroll_The wattle wanted to return on Sunday - Oil on canvas - 102 x 102cm_master
Carroll_The long view_Oil on canvas_102 x 102cm_master