Eleanor Millard’s new series captures memories and imaginings of the coastal landscape of Victoria. Hazy seaside cottages and faint structures set against atmospheric skies and seas gently drift into frame. Warm glowing lights suggest home while at the same time her little dwellings are isolated and distant in the vast landscape. Millard’s paintings capture the restless space between presence and absence, generating a sense of mysterious beauty. They invite contemplation of another world and psychological dimension.


Millard_Past Caramut Road_acrylic on paper 66 x 68cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The Sound_76 x 82cm_master
Millard_The Two Boatsheds_acrylic on aquarelle paper_91 x 110cm
Millard_The_Sand_Dunes_76x101cm_acrylic on paper_master
Millard blue boat shed acrylic on canvas 40 x 40cm 2016
Millard_end of thistle lane_acryliconpaper_65x100cm_master_0
Millard_House on a Hill_acrylic on Arches Aquarelle paper_103 x 114cm
Eleanor Millard_Still Moored_acrylic on paper_53 x 55cm_0
Millard_The Old Church_acrylic on paper_103 x 114cm
Eleanor Millard_The Painted Sound_100 x 114cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The Lookout_Acrylic on paper_56 x 66cm_master
Eleanor Millard_A Holiday Home_Acrylic on paper_76 x 84cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The White Sea_Acrylic on paper_100 x 114_master
Eleanor Millard_White Stone Path_Acrylic on paper laminated on canvas_53 x 44cm_master