EXHIBITION OPENING RECEPTION, SATURDAY 1 APRIL 3-5PMJINX NOLAN WILL BE IN ATTENDANCENolan’s landscapes are characterised by space, the vastness and emptiness of the Australian outback and the endless stretch of its eastern coastline. Her pictures could be described as memory-scapes, or landscapes as seen in the mind – the spaces she maintains within herself.Significantly, her format is not horizontal as in the majority of landscape paintings, which convey a sense of a panoramic view. Instead, Nolan has chosen the static and stable shape of the square, emphasising the sense of something unchanging, preserved forever. The square also accentuates distance, as does the bird’s eye view she employs and emphasises by the marvellous variety of birds that soar or occasionally perch, unmoored, in mid-air. What is so compelling about the memory-scapes… is how fresh and immediate they feel to the viewer.Pamela Allara, Associate Professor Emerita of Modern and Contemporary Art, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USAJinx Nolan has spent a lifetime observing, examining and dissecting aspects of the real and of the imagined.Hers is an intelligent and informed visual vocabulary that simultaneously references a highly personal history together with the broader discourse of figurative and abstract art.In these exquisite compositions, Symbolism converges with Expressionism and Surrealism to create an iconography that explores concepts of  migration, conservation, displacement and identity.Rich colours, defined forms, and perceptive perspectives reveal and celebrate the technical possibilities of collage and its wonderous effects.Geoffrey Smith, Chairman, Sotheby’s Australia