Featuring ten epic and transcending large-scale paintings. Including work by Matthew Browne, Mark Hislop, Bec Juniper, Kerry McInnis, Celia Perceval, Al Poulet, Minnie Pwerle (c. 1920 – 2006) and Judith White.


Juniper_Zuytdorp 1712 on 3 billion year old rocks_mixed media on canvas_150 x150 cm_large
Juniper_Seen and unseen tuttut of the tide_mixed media on canvas_150 x150 cm_large
Celia Perceval 'Black Cockatoos Deep in the Gully with Rock Pools on Bells Beach' oil on canvas 153 x 198cm $44,500
Al Poulet_Untitled_acrylic on canvas_cm_email
Browne: The Tilt Shift - vinyl tempera & oil on linen  1400x1000
McInnis_The Creek Narrows_Oil on Canvas_152x168cm_master
Minnie_Pwerle_ Women'sCeremony_acryliconlinen_130x200cm_email
Poulet_Untitled Violet Road_ acrylic on canvas_140 x 200cm