Wagner Contemporary has been offered a limited release of drawings and paintings from the artist’s studio. This largely unseen collection of works, by one of Australia’s highly respected female artists, presents a rare opportunity to overview Woodward’s tremendous scope of work from different periods of her career. Her figurative works are particularly recognised for their expression of human emotion and depiction in sensitive line and form.What dominates her oeuvre throughout is “the language of line”, the drawing, the medium for which she is perhaps best known. “In drawing there is great fluidity,” says Woodward. “In drawing there is a necessity for absolutely making a statement correctly or, at least, as one wants it to function”.Margaret Woodward is celebrated artist and past winner of major awards such the Wynne Prize and Portia Geach Memorial Award (twice). Her work is held in important collections, including Art Gallery of New South Wales and National Gallery of Australia, National Library of Australia and Art Bank.        “Margaret Woodward’s work never loses its drama, it is explicit in her vision of human triumph and disaster. Her work is not given to excessive expressionist exaggeration, rather there is a probing, an interrogation to her analysis of subject. It involves her fine sense of touch and formal equity” – John Olsen, 2010.