29/07/2023 - 09/08/2023

An exhibition of collectable pieces including important works sourced from private collections around Australia. This impressive showcase of art represents an opportunity for collectors interested in exploring a range of styles and genres to incorporate significant works by acclaimed artists into their collections. A featured painting includes Giraffes and Balloon (2004) (illustrated) by iconic and celebrated Australian artist, John Olsen AO OBE (1928-2023).

Featuring work by: Marcella KASPAR, Joanna LOGUE, Euan MACLEOD, Rosella NAMOK, Sir Sidney NOLAN (1917-1992), John OLSEN (1928-2023), Celia PERCEVAL, Al POULET and Margaret WOODWARD.


John Olsen, 'Giraffes and Balloon', 2004, watercolour and crayon on paper, 88 x 99cm, $130,000 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney; Savill Galleries, Sydney.
Joanna Logue, 'Witch Hole #1', oil on birch panel, 41 x 51cm | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney; Purchased King Street Gallery on William, Sydney.SOLD.
Rosella Namok 'Kaapay and Kuyan together...right way', 2004, acrylic on canvas, 138 x 83cm, $7,500 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney; Purchased Hogarth Galleries; Exhibited Hogarth Galleries, Sydney (2004). $7,800
Sidney Nolan, 'Leda and the Swan', 1960, polyvinyl acetate on board, 120 x 120cm, $95,000 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney; Purchased Gould Galleries, Melbourne; Exhibited Matthieson Gallery, London (1960).
Al Poulet, 'Untitled (Trees on the March)', 2019, acrylic on canvas 173 x 139cm, $9,900 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney.
Margaret Woodward, 'Chair From Rajasthan', pastel on paper laminated on paper, 126 x 126cm, $22,500 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney.
Celia Perceval, 'Wildflowers and Ibis in the Upper Shoalhaven', oil on canvas, 122 x 160cm, $35,000 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
Celia Perceval, 'Black Cockatoos over Disaster Bay', oil on board, 121 x 165cm, $33,000 | Provenance: Private Collection, USA
Marcella Kaspar, 'Peonies 1', oil on linen, 122 x168cm, $22,000 | Corporate Collection, Sydney; Purchased Charles Hewitt Gallery; Exhibited Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney (2006).