This exhibition features artists who examine the psychology of the human condition and reveal – or subtly suggest – deeper-level emotions and feelings which lie beneath the surface of behaviour and experience.Stimulated by rich life experiences of their own, these artists capture the invisible (emotion) and make visible (expression). Several works explore different aspects of the psyche that project personality and identity, while others delve into the interior of the human mind, where raw feelings and emotions underlie and shape the expression of mood.  Featuring work by: Deborah Kelly, Dagmar Cyrulla Christopher Orchard and Penelope Long. VIEW EXHIBITION WORKS IN-SITU: ONLINE VIEWING ROOM


Long_Untitled_oil on canvas_ Master
Kelly_Constraints and consolation _1_29x38cm_email
Kelly_The Invincible_14x28cm
Cyrulla_Reaching Out_oil on paper_46 x 41cm_0
Cyrulla_The Wait_oil on canvas_40 x 40cm
Cyrulla Shuni oil on board 40 x 40cm
Christopher Orchard Proxy Oil on linen 121 x 275 cm
Christopher Orchard Proxy 2 Oil on Linen 40 x 40 cm
Christopher Orchard 'At The Border 2' charcoal on paper 140 x 110cm $17,500