Opening Reception with the artist: Saturday, 20 October, 3-5pmIn her forthcoming exhibition, Dagmar Cyrulla explores what it is to be human – the home rituals, the myriad of choices made, and moments had, incorporating a particular focus on the complex relationship women have with the virtual world. Cyrulla’s work of art inevitably takes us to a reality she has constructed with her paintbrush, urging us to question how we see it. Women perceived through her eyes are beautifully captured, presenting a unique perspective where she is allowing them to be wholly themselves within their own world.Dagmar Cyrulla studied at the New York Studio School and completed her fine arts education on scholarship at Monash University in 2009. She has been exhibiting her work since 1988 and is the recipient of numerous art prizes. She has been a finalist multiple times in the Portia Geach Memorial Prize and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. Her stunning self-portrait, ‘I Am Woman’, was ‘Highly Commended’ by the judges in the 2017 Doug Moran Portrait Prize; while another major piece, ‘I Am’, was selected as a Finalist in the 2018 Paul Guest Prize For Drawing.  Dagmar Cyrulla: “This exhibition is the result of a year of painting the things that move me and engage my curiosity. The subject matter is figurative, and is mostly of the female form…The telephone in my paintings reiterates the disconnect, but at the same time the connectedness of relationships.Why paint women? I love their form, their beauty in all shapes and sizes. I relate to them and their stories…These women become characters in a story but they also imbue the paintings with their own character, energy and personality.”Read: Dagmar Cyrulla featured in Artist Profile and October’s Art Almanac editorial.


Hazy Days II Oil on board 25 x 30cm Framed (1)
I Am_Drawing pastel 2.15 x 1.8cm framed_0
Hazy Days oil on linen 46 x 38cm
Hazy Days IV oil on board 50cm diam framed
Hazy Days II Oil on board 25 x 30cm Framed (1)