Continuing her work in the Australian outback, Kerry McInnis’s paintings and drawings are an immediate response to the environment.  For McInnis, a particular landscape is located by its geography, defined by its natural characteristics. Her attempt to represent it is constrained by a subjective mind, but it is also liberated by a desire to create a sense of place through the abstraction of making marks with paint. “My latest body of work continues my efforts to evoke the landscape as the compelling entity that I perceive.  It is an uncomfortable – sometimes disturbing, always engrossing – immersion into space. I like to interpret a “whole”, by defining a part. I draw one element, one rock, one tree, to portray the total. It is of interest to me that “place” is subsumed by a universal awareness of where we might imagine ourselves to be” (Kerry McInnis, 2017).McInnis is a regular finalist in major art awards, having exhibited in the Archibald Prize, Portia Geach Memorial Award, NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Norvill Art Prize, Kedumba Drawing Award and the Dobell Prize for Drawing, among others. She is a past winner of the Wingecarribee and Bega Art Prizes.  Her work is represented in  notable public collections, such as the National Library of Australia, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, Bundanon Trust, Australian National University, Goulburn Regional Gallery and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.[[{“fid”:”3637″,”view_mode”:”default”,”fields”:{“format”:”default”},”type”:”media”,”link_text”:”Artist CV.pdf”,”attributes”:{“class”:”file media-element file-default”}}]]