Matthew Browne, Bec Juniper, Al Poulet, Melinda Schawel, Llewellyn SkyeThis group exhibition encompasses impressive – large scale – new works recently consigned by gallery artists with a focus on New Zealand artist, Matthew Browne. The exhibited artists all approach painting from different directions, however each boldly embraces large format in their painting practice. Together these works present an exhibition rich with ideas and motifs and energise the gallery space with their sense of scale. Viewers are encouraged to immerse themselves in these paintings and explore the skills and distinct aesthetic language of each highly acclaimed artist.     The gallery looks forward to featuring a dynamic selection of Matthew Browne’s geometric abstractions within the show. Through painting, Browne endeavours to “make visible those metaphorical images and sensations that normally reside in the unconscious”.  Matthew Browne has exhibited widely in New Zealand and, more recently, Australia. His work has been hung as a finalist in major awards in New Zealand and is held by collections in New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Denmark and Singapore.


Matthew Browne -'Klexos' vinyl tempera oil on linen 1800x1600mm 2020
Browne -'Trumspringa'-vinyl tempera oil on linen-180 x160cm
Browne - 'Pouri' vinyl tempera & oil on linen 1800x1600mm 2021 - Master
Poulet_Untitled (Weather)_Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas_200x450cm - Master
Juniper-Over the Threshold-mixed media on canvas-180 x 150cm
Juniper-Untitled-mixed media on canvas-180 x 150cm
Llewellyn Skye 'Winter's Spring' 150 x 180cm $9,900
Skye-The Space Between Magic -acrylic & oil on linen-200 x 185cm-email