Neil Taylor’s new body of work focuses on a subject that is his own backyard and a constant source of inspiration – the misty sandstone cliffs and valleys of the Blue Mountains. In Recent Paintings, the Grose Valley’s canyons and waterfalls feature throughout, however, via the artist’s exploration of the behaviour and essence of light, familiar land forms are transformed, and even slightly distorted, into mysterious, beautiful and visionary interpretations of earth itself.”Landscape painting is increasingly becoming a way for me to find a poetry and celebration in the earth and its history and creation. I focus more on wilderness, the night and the wider unknown (the empty world) and less on the immediate human world (the overflowing world). My central subject has been able to evolve through documenting and celebrating transient fast changing light (from the moon, the sun or stars) and how this contrasts, but sits so easily, to reveal the slowly evolving history and geology of the earth” – Neil Taylor, 2021.Neil Taylor has been a Finalist in major prizes, most recently the Hadley’s Art Prize (2021). His work has been previously selected for the Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize, NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, KAAF Art Prize and Calleen Art Award. Neil Taylor is a 10-times Finalist in the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes. He is a past Winner of the Mount Eyre Art Prize and the Gosford Art Prize and a previous winner of the Viewer’s Choice Award for the Mosman Art Prize.


Taylor_Ice Age Fires_acrylic on canvas_122 x 183cm
Taylor_Morning In The Silver River III_acrylic on canvas_137 x 198cm
Taylor_Sarabande with Sirius II_acrylic on canvas_120 x 150cm
Taylor_Shadow In Shadows_acrylic on canvas_122 x 183cm_master
Taylor_Sketch For Burning Mist_acrylic on canvas_40 x 40cm_email
Taylor_Stars I - Narrowneck_acrylic on canvas_80 x 80cm
Taylor_Stars II_Big Badja_acrylic on canvas_80 x 80cm
Taylor_Stars III - Burramoko_acrylic on canvas_80 x 80cm
Taylor_Storm Over Blackwall Glen_acrylic on canvas_46 x 46cm_master
Taylor_The Fortress_acrylic on canvas_122 x 122cm
Taylor_The Moon at Dawn_acrylic on canvas_122 x 183cm_master
Taylor_The Sun In Moonlight_acrylic on canvas_150 x 120cm
Taylor_The Western Wall_acrylic on canvas_122 x 122cm
Taylor_Valley Mist_acrylic on canvas_40 x 50cm