There is a powerful sense of the sublime in Min-Woo Bang’s skyscapes.  Although each composition hints of a familiar place – executed in a language suggestive of 16th and 17th century European painting – each window to the sky is also a transitional space, where shapes re-form, light changes and time passes. The nuanced concepts of loss, renewal and impermanence are of great interest to Min-Woo Bang and these works allude to the notion of transience in the objective world as well as in the shifting states of our emotions.”In mood and temper, sometimes the clouds touch down on a neo-classical landscape, at other times the clouds are all that there is… the viewer never gets tired of looking at them” – ‘Art Collector’ magazine.Min-Woo Bang has been a finalist in numerous prizes, including the Wynne Prize, King’s School Art Prize, NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize,  Muswellbrook Art Prize, Hadley’s Art Prize, Tattersall’s Art Prize, Mosman Art Prize (Highly Commended 2016). He is a past Winner of the KAAF Art Prize and the Gold Coast Art Prize. Min-Woo Bang studied at the National Art School and Sydney College of the Arts.


MinWooBang_Untitled_100x100cm_oil on linen
MinWooBang_Flow of Nature_100x100cm_oil on linen
Min Woo Bang-Wind of History -50x100cm
Min Woo Bang-Soul-oil on linen-100x100cm
Min Woo Bang-Big Storm-oil on linen-150x150cm (002)
Min Woo Bang_Wind of History II_oil on linen_50x100cm
Bang-The Shape of Cloud-oil on linen-152 x 152cm
Bang-Spirited Away 2-oil on linen-50 x 50cm
Bang-Shape of feeling-oil on linen-50x50cm
Bang-Secret-oil on polyester-100 x 100cm-
Bang_Metaphysical_Cloud_oil on linen-100 x 100cm
Bang_Kosciuszko Sky II_oil on linen_100x180cm_master-
Bang_Jindabyne Sky_102x102cm_oil on linen
Bang - Mount Kosciuszko Sky -oil on linen - 100 x 180cm