This popular annual exhibition showcases an incredible collection of impressive contemporary and modern works of art, including new works in stock as well as rare collectable pieces sourced from private collections around Australia. Hanging together, this broad collection is an opportunity for art collectors focused on a range of styles and periods to incorporate both minor and major pieces to their collections. Those wishing to start a collection have a great diversity of work to discover and a platform to discuss the many celebrated Australian artists whose works are in ever increasing demand.Showasing work by: Min-Woo Bang, John Coburn, Ray Crooke, Melissa Egan, Mark Hislop, Bec Juniper, Deborah Marks, Suey McEnnally, Kerry  McInnis, Christopher Orchard, Celia Perceval, Nigel Sense, Tim Storrier, Neil Taylor, Rosemary Valadon, Judith White.