Wagner Contemporary re-opens on Saturday 15 January with the ‘Summer Show’. We look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery in the new year, commencing with an exciting selection of recent work by gallery artists.

This annual exhibition features new work by Min-Woo Bang, Matthew Browne, Genevieve Carroll, Dagmar Cyrulla, Nick Hall, Mark Hislop, Bec Juniper, Marcella Kaspar, Deborah Kelly, Kerry McInnis, Eleanor Millard, Christopher Orchard, Celia Perceval, Al Poulet, Melinda Schawel, Nigel Sense, Llewellyn Skye, Belinda Street, Neil Taylor, Margaret Woodward, Rosemary Valadon, Judith White and Jo Young.


Bang-oil on linen-40 x 80cm-3
Bang-oil on linen-50 x 50cm-1
Bang-oil on linen-50 x 50cm-2
Belinda Street_Marramarra_2021_Oil on canvas_100x150cm
Browne - 'Morgenfrisk' vinyl tempera oil on linen 1800x1600mm 2021_0
Browne - 'Pouri' vinyl tempera oil on linen 1800x1600mm 2020
Carroll_Good Morning- oil on canvas-37.5 x 48cm
Carroll_Two cups chatting to the earth_oil on canvas_52.5 x 63cm_2020
Carroll-inseparable from the green silence- 42 x 52.5cm
Cyrulla-Anguish-oil on panel-17.5 x 12-master
Cyrulla-Distracted-ouache on board-17.5 x 12.5
Duck_Creek_No5-acrylic and collage on canvas-44 x 64cm-master
Eleanor Millard_White Stone Path_Acrylic on paper laminated on canvas_53 x 44cm_master_0
Hall_Invisible Milk Baths_mixed media on panel_40 x 40cm_0
Hislop-Chance setting 5-acrylic on acrylic sheet-44 x 55cm-master-cropped
Hislop-Chance Setting 6-acrylic on acrylic sheet-44 x 55cm-master-cropped
Juniper_Remnant Field_master
Kaspar_Tales of Times Past 2_oil on linen_40 x 40cm_master_0
Kaspar_Thread of Memory_oil on linen_123 x 152cm
Kelly_Contemplative-Order-collage, watercolour, ink and pigments on Garza Papel Spanish pure cotton paper-21x30cm
Kelly-Warrior-collage, watercolour, ink and pigments on Garza Papel Spanish pure cotton paper-21x30cm
McInnis_Umbrawarra_Oil on Canvas_90 x120cm_master
McInnis_Walker Creek_Oil on Canvas_90 x120cm_master-
Millard_Railway Line_arcylic on canvas_40 x 40cm_master_0
Orchard-Casual Observer-charcoal on paper laminated on to canvas-31 x 28cm
Orchard-charcoal on paper laid on to canvas-31 x 28cm
Orchard-Parralel Histories-charcoal o n paper laminated on to canvas-31 x 28cm
Perceval-Black Cockies Passing Through Corrine Forest NSW-oil on canvas-100 x 69cm-master
Poulet - Untitled (Bathing)- acrylic on canvas - 200 x 88cm-master
Poulet-Untitled(Jingga) -acrylic on canvas- 200 x 88cm - master
Poulet-Untitled(North East) -acrylic on canvas- 200 x 88cm - master
Schawel_Flock_Together_mixed_media_on_torn_perforated_paper_149 x 212cm
Sense_Crab Claw_Acrylic on canvas_140 x 240_diptych
Sense_Tiger King_acrylic on canvas_71x50cm_email
Skye-Brigalow_Diptych-Acrylic on Canvas-100 x 152cm
Skye-Old Man Wodjil_acrylic on canvas-123 x 152cm
Skye-Wait a While-acrylic on canvas-123 x 152cm
Street 'Good Place 5'-oil on board - 30.5 x 30.5cm
Taylor_Stars I - Narrowneck_acrylic on canvas_80 x 80cm
Taylor-Morning in the Silver Rain-150 x 120cm
Valadon-Fruit and Wine-oil on canvas on board-12.5 x 23cm
Valadon-Hip flask, coffee, fruit and flowers-oil on linen
Valadon-Landscape 3-Teapot, flowers fruit-oil on linen-76 x 101cm-master
Woodward_Curled into Sleep_Pastel on paper laminated on canvas_120 x 120cm_master_ copy_0
Young- Radicchio Bowl No 2 - Oil on Linen - 23 x 30cm
Young-Hinterland, oyster mushrooms-oil on linen-25 x 25cm
Young-Vessel Fallen Fruit No 1- Oil on Linen - 25 x 25cm_0