Wagner Contemporary is thrilled to be presenting Nick Hall, Sai-Wai Foo and Al Poulet at this year’s Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Nick HallRumpus Room : The painter explores our primordial urges in the present day. Through a deeply introspective and psychologically driven approach, Hall portrays the fractured nature of living in the 21st century. The artist’s works not only capture our alienation from the environment, but also our fraught attempts to reconnect with it.Sai-Wai FooIn the artist’s assemblages, aged pleated paper is set against ceramic, wood and glass to create works that are simultaneously hard and soft; enduring yet delicate. Foo’s materiality prompts viewers to consider discarded materials and reconsider “how things are used in our over-curated and insatiable consumer society”. Al PouletUntitled W : A series of large-scale abstract paintings captures the young artist’s relationship with his immediate surroundings. Although his works cast off the representational trappings of our reality, each painted mark and visceral line indexes Poulet’s connection to his home in Wedderburn. Drawing on his long meandering walks through the bush and in situ studies, the artist is able to capture a fugitive, fleeting, form of nature.


Hall_Invisible Milk Baths_mixed media on panel_40 x 40cm_0
Hall Swimming In Half Truths oil on canvas 152 x 198cm
Hall The Greatest Stranger In The World oil on canvas_0
Hall Things Just Grow Flagrantly Where ever They Want oil on canvas 40 x 40cm
Hall_630_I Need You, I Don't Need You _oil on canvas_140 x 190cm_email
Foo_Hot House_Mixed media assemblage_53 x 26 x 26cm_edited
Poulet - Untitled (Bathing)- acrylic on canvas - 200 x 88cm-master
Poulet_Untitled (Weather)_Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas_200x450cm - Master
Poulet-Untitled(North East) -acrylic on canvas- 200 x 88cm - master
Poulet-Untitled(Jingga) -acrylic on canvas- 200 x 88cm - master
Poulet - Untitled (Bathing)- acrylic on canvas - 200 x 88cm-master
Al Poulet Untitled (Southerly Buster Gymea bay) Acrylic and Pastel on Paper 42x56cm
Al Poulet Untitled (Jingga Pools Mermaids) Acrylic on Paper 42 x 56cm
Poulet Untitled (Gum) acrylic on canvas 200 x 175cm
Poulet Untitled (OMFD) acrylic and spray paint on canvas 126 x 200cm
Poulet Untitled (Saplings) acrylic and spray paint 140 x 200cm
Poulet Untitled 1 (Walk) pastel and spray paint on paper 30 x 42cm