This year the digital platform, Explore Sydney Contemporary, will replace Sydney Contemporary, which runs 11 – 21 November.A gallery preview will take place at Wagner Contemporary on Saturday 6 November in advance of the fair’s digital platform online.For Melbourne artists, Mark Hislop, Melinda Schawel and Eleanor Millard, the creative process and conceptualisation of recent work has been bound up in the activity of walking locally and observation. Being residents of Melbourne, each with a home studio or a studio within walking distance of home, they have been fortunate enough to continue working during the city’s extreme Lockdown periods. Emotionally, it has been a difficult time, trying to reconcile the effort, anticipation and energy expended, along with sharp and abrupt cancellations, curfews, Lockdowns and difficulties and trauma suffered by others. It has been a time when the activity of art making has become a very deliberate act. External circumstances continue to present challenges, yet, for each artist, the imagination is stimulated by the rich topography of an inner world, experienced in local walks, observation and reflection.The notion of creativity flourishes for all three. During this time of isolation and introspection, focus turns inwards and stimulates creativity in meaningful and personal ways for each.Wagner Contemporary is proud to present three exhibitions at the gallery and via Explore Sydney Contemporary this month: ‘Resonance of Sound’, by Eleanor Millard, ‘Chance Encounters OK’, by Mark Hislop, and ‘Spark’, by Melinda Schawel.Visit Eleanor Millard’s ExhibitionVisit Mark Hislop’s ExhibitionVisit Melinda Schawel’s Exhibition


Eleanor Millard_A Holiday Home_Acrylic on paper_76 x 84cm_master
Eleanor Millard_A Windy Day_Acrylic on paper_103 x 114cm_master
Eleanor Millard_Beach Huts_Acrylic on paper_103 x 114cm_master
Eleanor Millard_Beach Shack_Acrylic on paper_76 x 98cm_master
Eleanor Millard 'Coastal Front' Acrylic on paper 103 x 114cm
Eleanor Millard 'Down by the Sea' acrylic on paper 61 x 75m $4,800
Eleanor Millard_Salty Bay_Acrylic on paper_64 x 77cm_master
Eleanor Millard_Sandstone Path_Acrylic on paper_76 x 87cm_master
Eleanor Millard_Storm in the Afternoon_Acrylic on paper_61 x 64cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The Blue Sea_Acrylic on paper_76 x 93cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The Lookout_Acrylic on paper_56 x 66cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The Painted Sound_100 x 114cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The River_Acrylic on paper_98 x 114cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The Sound_76 x 82cm_master
Eleanor Millard_The White Sea_Acrylic on paper_100 x 114_master
Eleanor Millard_White Stone Path_Acrylic on paper laminated on canvas_53 x 44cm_master
Hislop-Ballarat Grotesque-acrylic on acrylic sheet-75 x 122cm-email
Hislop-Chance Setting 1-acrylic on acrylic sheet-122 x 165cm-master
Hislop-Chance Setting 2-Acrylic on acrylic sheet- 122 x 165cm-Master
Hislop-Chance Setting 3-Acrylic on acrylic sheet-75 x 122cm-Email
Hislop-Chance Setting 4-acrylic on acrylic sheet-75 x 122cm-master
Hislop-Chance setting 5-acrylic on acrylic sheet-44 x 55cm-master-cropped
Hislop-Chance Setting 6-acrylic on acrylic sheet-44 x 55cm-master-cropped
Hislop-Chance Setting 7-acrylic on acrylic sheet-44 x 55cm-master-cropped
Hislop-Fern Tree Gully 1- Acrylic on acrylic sheet-165 x 122cm-Master
Hislop-Fern Tree Gully 2- Acrylic on acrylic sheet- 164 x 122cm_master
Hislop-Fern Tree Gully 3-acrylic on acrylic sheet-165 x 122cm-master
Hislop-Past Tense (Ghost Flowers in Zombie Plants series)-Acrylic paint on acrylic sheet-140 x 120cm-master
Hislop-Phototrope 2-acrylic on canvas-167 x 137cm-Email
Hislop-Phototrope 3-acrylic on canvas-167 x 137cm-Email
Hislop-The Social Limits To Growth-Acrylic on acrylic sheet-165 x 122cm-email
Hislop-Untitled 1-Acrylic on acrylic sheet-75 x 122cm-email
Hislop-Untitled 2-Acrylic on acrylic sheet-75 x 122cm-email
Millard_ The Baker_ acrylic on canvas_51 x 48cm
Millard_ The Builder_acrylic on canvas_56 x 57cm
Millard_ The Captain_acylic on canvas_53 x 50cm
Millard_ The Captain's Wife_ acrylic on canvas_55 x 49cm_1
Millard_ The Captain's Wife_ acrylic on canvas_55 x 49cm
Millard_ The Fisherman's Tie_acrylic on canvas_55 x 56cm
Millard_ The Grandmother_acrylic on canvas_50 x 46cm
Millard_House on a Hill_acrylic on Arches Aquarelle paper_103 x 114cm
Millard_The Bridge_acrylic on paper_73 x 89cm
Millard_The Cook_acrylic on canvas_58 x 62cm
Millard_The Two Boatsheds_acrylic on aquarelle paper_91 x 110cm
Millard_Woodbine Road_acrylic on paper_113 x 100cm_0
Schawel_Flock_Together_mixed_media_on_torn_perforated_paper_149 x 212cm
Schawel-I Am Here and You Are Where You Are-Ink and pencil on torn and perforated paper-106 x 152cm-master