Our annual ‘Summer Show’ features stunning new works from the gallery’s established and early-career artists. Showing concurrently is ‘The Monstrous and the Sublime: James Gleeson & Deborah Kelly’.  The Monstrous and The Sublime: James Gleeson & Deborah KellyJames Gleeson (1915 – 2008), artist, painter, critic and poet, and Australia’s greatest surrealist, explored the inner workings of the mind through subconscious and mythological subjects and archetypes. Six small psychoscapes featured in the exhibition explore the human form in landscape. These surreal settings also evoke the interior world of the unconscious. Glesson’s works are held in all State gallery collections and the national collection.Deborah Kelly has spent decades accumulating discarded repositories of western civilisation: old books. With tiny, surgical-grade blades she dissects and reconfigures their references into obsessively detailed visions of other possible worlds. She is the recipient of national and international awards, including the Cayte Latta Award for LGBTI Visual Arts, the DuLac Award in Mexico City, the Albury Art Prize and Fisher’s Ghost Award. Kelly is currently working toward founding a queer insurrectionary science fiction climate change religion, called CREATION. Its traces will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, from 26 March to 29 August, 2021.For one week, Wagner Contemporary is hosting the ‘Monstrous and the Sublime: James Gleeson & Deborah Kelly’, an expansive show of works from both artists – coinciding with the opening of Mardi Gras week.


Aves 11_oil on board_15x13_master
Aves 12_oil on board_15x13master
Deborah_Kelly_Junee Archival Sausage Party Showdown 1_paper collage_nolan book end paper_56x38cm_hi_res
Fairest of the all (from New Years)_40 x 30cm
James Gleeson_Orion Blinded by Oenopian_circa 1968_oil on board_10 x 14cm (2)
Kelly_ Motherliness_high res
Kelly_1 of 2-die-of-love_ArchivalpigmentprintonHahnemuellepaper,goldleaf,crystal_60x30cm_editionvariabl15_master
Kelly_2 of 2-die-of-love_ArchivalpigmentprintonHahnemuellepaper,goldleaf,crystal_60x30cm_editionvariabl15_master
Kelly_Constraints and consolation _1_29x38cm_email
Kelly_Creation Myth
Kelly_Fighting Venus_collage, pigments and watercolours on handmade cotton paper_30 x 21cm
Kelly_Hoarding the future
Kelly_Love God
Kelly_No God No Master_paper collage on paper_48 x 37.5cm_master
Kelly_Paradise in Peril_collage, pigments and watercolours on handmade cotton paper_30 x 30cm
Kelly_Pearly queens_Collage, watercolours, mother of pearl, 24ct gold leaf and natural diamond on St Armand handmade cotton paper_24 x 18cm_
Kelly_The Invincible_14x28cm
Kelly_Ways of Seeing_
Witchwill (from New Years)_35 x 35cm