Group Show:

Under $10,000

24/09/2022 - 29/10/2022

This exhibition features a collection of impressive contemporary works of art, including new works in stock from the gallery’s stable of artists. This strong group of paintings and works on paper provides an opportunity for collectors, interested in exploring a range of artists, styles and media, to incorporate high-calibre pieces priced under $10,000 into their collections. Showcasing new work by early-career and established artists. 


Kerry McInnis 'Light on Geike Gorge' mixed media on paper 57 x 40cm $2,800
Kerry McInnis 'Monolith 1' oil on canvas 60 x 75cm $5,500
Kerry McInnis 'Monolith 3' oil on canvas 60 x 75cm $5,500
Llewellyn Skye 'Winter's Spring' 150 x 180cm $9,900
Rosemary Valadon 'Tic Toc' oil on canvas 51 x 61cm SOLD
Christopher Orchard ‘The Writer’ charcoal on paper 54 x 51cm $3,800
Christopher Orchard 'A Clearer View' Charcoal on gesso on wood panel 41x51cm $4,000
Christopher Orchard 'Push' Charcoal on gesso on wood panel 40x40cm SOLD
Christopher Orchard 'Tilt' Charcoal on gesso on wood panel 40x40cm $3,300
Christopher Orchard 'Wedge' Charcoal on paper 100 x 95 cm $12,000
Eleanor Millard 'Coastal Front' Acrylic on paper 103 x 114cm
Eleanor Millard ‘Some Old Buildings’ acrylic on paper 71 x 60cm $5,000
Eleanor Millard 'Step Into My World' Acrylic on Dutch Aquatint Paper 94 x 76cm SOLD
Al Poulet 'Untitled (Winter Sun)' acrylic and spraypaint on canvas 130 x 100cm $6,000
Al Poulet 'Untitled (Flood) Acrylic and spray paint on canvas 140 x 200cm $9,500
Sally Stokes 'That delicious and important place' oil on canvas 122x138cm $8,800
Mark Hislop 'Untitled (Phototrope series)' acrylic paint on canvas 167 x 137cm $9,900
Nigel Sense 'Baruewei Lookout' Acrylic on Canvas 120 x 140cm $7,000
Nigel Sense 'Bells Beach' acrylic on canvas 120 x 160 $8,500