Al Poulet paints with the urgency of a young artist. “I struggle to look at a work of mine from a week ago, because I think ‘that’s old and I can already do better’,” he explains. “But sometimes I do a painting and I can’t understand it until 5 years later.” The artist’s process is centred around this search – the search for something almost unexplainable in his paintings. Through his mark-making, he attempts to pull a composition out of his blank canvas and into existence. “What I like about painting is that I do it, and I don’t know why I do it – but that is what’s beautiful about it,” says Poulet. “It’s just that feeling when you are standing in front of the work.” The art works featured in his new series are built upon the pursuit of this very feeling. Poulet infuses a freshness and a vitality into the well established vocabulary of pure abstraction.Al Poulet is a graduate of UNSW Art and Design, achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) in 2013 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2017.After winning the Paddington Art Prize in 2018 and exhibiting at Sydney Contemporary in 2019, Al Poulet presents a new body of work and Sydney solo show, UNTITLED (W).VIEW WORKS ON PAPER


Poulet_Untitled Violet Road_ acrylic on canvas_140 x 200cm
Al Poulet_Untitled_acrylic on canvas_cm_email
Al Poulet Untitled (Young Heart) acrylic on canvas 200 x 165cm
Poulet-Untitled(North East) -acrylic on canvas- 200 x 88cm - master
Poulet-Untitled(Jingga) -acrylic on canvas- 200 x 88cm - master
Poulet Untitled (Bathing) acrylic on canvas 200 x 88cm
Poulet Untitled (Saplings) acrylic and spray paint 140 x 200cm