September 28, 2022

Congratulations to Kerry McInnis, a Finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award for her work, ‘Monolith 1′. Hosted by Campbelltown Arts Centre, the prize coincides with an annual event held in the Campbelltown community since the 1950s – the Festival of Fisher’s Ghost. Now in its 60th year, there is $72,000 in prize money to be won. McInnis’ work ‘Monolith 1’ is from a recent body of work, ‘Terraform’. ‘Terraform’, “implies the transforming of existing landmasses into something else…There is not only a joy in the celebration of the majesty of nature, but also an expression of pleasure taken in the physicality of the act of painting with its bold slabs of colour and the expressive use of oil stick that create veins of energy to enliven the surface” – Sasha Grishin (art critic), ‘Canberra Times’, November, 2021. For further information about the exhibition of finalists, please visit Campbelltown Arts Centre website.