September 2, 2021

Congratulations Kerry McInnis – a Finalist in the National Capital Art Prize for her work, ‘Listening to the Nation (Hugh Mackay)’. The National Capital Art Prize is an Australia-wide competition for paintings of any subject, encouraging artists to freely follow their vision. Director, Bob Stephens, also explains the prize was created (in 2020) to support artists whose opportunity to showcase their work has been limited by COVID restrictions.In her work, McInnis depicts social researcher and author, Hugh Mackay: “I have been painting and drawing social researcher, Hugh Mackay during this past year. He is often described as “the man who explains us to ourselves”. This is one of a number of sketches and paintings I have made of him, engaged as he often is, interviewing Australians about their lives –  their thoughts, their dreams, their place in contemporary Australia. These are the themes of his 19 books and countless articles, including his most recent book, ‘The Kindness Revolution’” – Kerry McInnis, 2021.