August 31, 2018

Congratulations, Neil Taylor, finalist in the Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize for his wonderful piece, Mutawintji Drought 2. One of Australia’s most prestigious landscape art prizes, the Tattersall’s attracts Australia’s most high profile landscape artists. The award is now in its 29th year. For further information about this years prize, please click here.Artist Statement:
The more isolated we become in wilderness the more we seem to search out and also create patterns – In the sky or on the ocean or on the earth.
It’s an innate desire very closely associated with our desire for survival and community – and it’s the origin of art and storytelling.
This rock pattern is in a desert area both rich in aboriginal ceremonial history and also white settlement history.
I have no idea if it’s related to a dwelling, burial, roadmaking, agriculture or mining, white or black – it may even be an accidentally natural grouping – nobody seemed to know.
I sort of prefer it to remain a mystery – it allows the painting to become a simple celebration of the patterns exposed on an earth desperate for rain.