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Secondary Market

Minnie Pwerle 'Women's Ceremony' acrylic on linen 130 x 200cm $30,000
Margaret Woodward 'With Chair From Rajasthan' Pastel on paper laminated on canvas (1990) 126 x126cm
Celia Perceval 'Wildflowers and Ibis in the Upper Shoalhaven' oil on canvas 122 x 160cm $35,000
Rosella Namok 'Kaapay and Kuyan together...right way', 2004, acrylic on canvas, 138 x 83cm, $7,800 | Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney; Purchased Hogarth Galleries; Exhibited Hogarth Galleries, Sydney (2004). $7,800
John Olsen (1928-2023) 'Giraffes and Balloon' watercolour and crayon on paper 88 x 99cm $130,000
Boyd Sanday 'It's too late for Shadows' oil on linen 50 x 50cm$3950 $3,950
Celia Perceval 'Black Cockatoos Over Disaster Bay' oil on board 121 x 165cm $33,000